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All Saints Church, Witley, Surrey

Saturday 17th November 2018 7:30 p.m.
Marlene Verwey - flute
Herman Jordaan - organ Gillian Wallace - violin
Anna Hunt - cello and Sarah Wright - viola
The programme includes works by Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and others
Tickets: £15 adults £5 under 16's From the Parish Office (01428 681872)
Email: office@allsaintswitley.org.uk or after the Sunday Services
Refreshments available during the interval

November: a time to remember

November has become our month of remembering - when we remember those who sacrificed their lives in war, when we remember our loved ones at All Souls Day, when we remember our church with its annual Gift Day and of course when we remember our dispersed family and friends with Christmas cards and round robins. The sometime sombre mood of these familiar rituals also seems to be captured in the fast-changing natural world: with leaves falling all around, bright autumn colours fading fast and a sudden chill in the air.

For many folks the most important of these occasions will be Remembrance Sunday, the day we pause to reflect on the peace we enjoy and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to bequeath it to us. Of course, this year it is doubly significant - being the centenary anniversary of the end of the First World War and our commemoration services actually taking place on the 11th November, the day the guns fell silent with the armistice on the western front. Over the years I've heard a lot of different views on this annual event. Our Christian faith has usually, though not always, maintained that war can be just - or at least at times regarded it as often the lesser of two evils. There is little doubt that the Second World War was fought against great evil; but though it was won the victory doomed Eastern Europe to fifty years of communist oppression and opened the world up to the potential for nuclear devastation. The twentieth century was sadly the most violent, so far, in human history and this nation continues to honour the men and women who laid down their lives in the two world wars and in subsequent conflicts around the globe. Acknowledging their sacrifice, we recognise a profound debt of honour - the responsibility to cherish the principles of democracy and justice for which they died and to live lives worthy of the price paid for our freedom. If you are interested, one of our congregation, Stephen Mills, has written a wonderfully informative second edition of his book: 'The Men of Witley who died in the Great War: 1914 -1918', which can be purchased from our parish office.

At this special moment, I cannot miss the parallel to our acknowledging the sacrifice of Jesus for all of us on the Cross; and in church we have simultaneous commemorations on All Souls Day - this year celebrated on Saturday 3rd November - and our annual Gift Day on the first Sunday of the month, the following day, Sunday 4th November. At our All Souls Day service we remember in a beautiful and reflective way all the faithful departed, particularly those known to us who have died over the last year or who are in our hearts and minds at this time. It is a real opportunity to come and hold up loved ones who have gone to God. There is a list at the back of church if you would like to include someone's name to be read out and a candle lit in their memory. Then on Gift Day we remember all those who have served our church family at All Saints over the years and how we might each now use our gifts of time, talents and resources to ensure the future wellbeing of our community.

And so, as we look out over this month at the radically altered landscape and feel the cold touch of Winter, perhaps fondly remembering the long warmth of Summer or the amazing colours of Autumn enjoyed in the village this year, here are the words of Siegfried Sassoon in his poem 'Aftermath':

"Have you forgotten yet? . . .
Look up, and swear by the green of the spring that you'll never forget."

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All Saints Church has a huge wooden door, which, while being very old and attractive in its own way can be a physical barrier to those who have never entered All Saints before - don't let it be like that. Turn the handle, push the door and come in, all are welcome. Inside you will find a building that is filled with the prayers of 1000 years, a wall painting that is 900 years old, a 700-year-old Lady Chapel with medieval stained glass, signs of the conflict in the 16th and 17th century with an unfinished memorial tablet in the sanctuary and several other family memorials. The 18th century put in a gallery which was removed by the Victorians who added so much more, including a whole aisle on the North Side. The Victorians with three generations of Chandler Vicars built the organ, the bell tower and the vestry. They refurbished the chancel ceiling, floor and altar and put up memorials to the eminent people of the day as they passed on. The beginning of the 20th century completed the collection of stained glass windows and introduced the pews we have now, instead of the previous box pews. All Saints is full of history reflecting the needs of the generations who have worshipped here before us. There have been many changes in the past few years which help us now to use the church on a daily basis for many different groups. There is a children's trail available with many interesting things to find out and see.

Please do come inside and explore and have time for yourself, the church is open in daylight hours. Or come and meet with others to worship or chat everyone is welcome.

If anyone would like to speak to Ann, please ring or email and we will endeavour to meet you as soon as we can.

The All Saints Parish Office, is in the grounds of Witley Infant School, opposite the Church.

Wishing you every blessing

James McKeran         Ann Fraser
                       James McKeran                                     Ann Fraser

The parish of Witley is made up of the villages of Witley, Brook, Wormley and Sandhills. The Parish Church of All Saints dates from about 1040 and is situated just off the main Petworth Road (A283) in Church Lane, opposite the White Hart public house. Witley CofE Infant School is opposite the church and has close links with it.

Apart from a regular pattern of worship on Sundays and Holy Days, the church serves the whole parish and after recent refurbishment is available every day for a variety of uses. The door is open in daylight hours for anyone who may wish to spend a quiet few moments or longer in the peace and quiet of this ancient building.

The mission of the church in Witley is to bring the love of God to all who live and work there. The church is open to all people, and here to serve the entire parish. Everyone is welcome at all services and other events and anyone is welcome to use the space in church for their own charitable or social events where appropriate. Click here for more information on using the church for your event.

If you are new to the area you are very welcome! There are a wide range of activities going on around the church that may interest you.

A team of Pastoral Assistants visit the housebound, take Communion to those who can't get to church for whatever reason, and generally help the clergy keep an eye on pastoral needs.

Ann would be pleased to talk with and welcome you. Enjoy the web-site!

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